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8th grade Language Arts 

Michele Widdes


Quick Links
  • http://delicious.com/widdes
  •    Poetry Friday: Review poetry skills using Learn Zillion    
  •  Quick Codes:
  •        LZ1103--illustrating a poem
  •        LZ1104--paraphrasing a poem
  •        LZ1105--recognizing verbs to help analyze/comprehend a poem
  •        LZ1106--recognizing rhyme scheme
  •        LZ1107--analyzing sound in a poem
  •        LZ1108--identifying symbols and repeated imagery
  •        LZ1109--determining the theme of a poem

Use this website to help you revise work: https://www.visualthesaurus.com/vocabgrabber/# 
Co-ed Soccer will resume in fall 2015! 
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Last Modified on August 25, 2015