Welcome to First Grade at Middlefork School

First Grade

First Grade Teachers
Mrs. Berkhof
Mrs. Bozeday
Mrs. Rosenberg

Field Trips
  • October -Ryerson Nature Center
  • October -Lifeline Theatre Play -

Curricular Highlights

September: Color Unit
This is an integrated unit, incorporating many reading and writing activities with science.
October: Insects
The children will learn characteristics of insects and appreciate the great diversity of the insect world. This unit will be revisited in May when we raise Painted Lady butterflies in the classroom.
November: Family Unit
The children will learn about different families.
December: Community Service Project
Each class chooses a "project" to donate to in place of teachers receiving gifts from the children.
January: Heroes and Heroines
The children will hear or read stores about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.
January: Mapping
The children will learn how to read and draw a simple map.
February: Kaleidoscope
Each child will write a story following a writing process; the final draft will be entered into an all school district book called, "Kaleidoscope."
March: Explorer's Club
The children will generate a list of possible topics for study, from which each child will choose one topic. Each small group, containing children for each first grade class, will be led by a teacher. Each group will have a display in the Explorers' Club Museum, and will be open for parents to visit on Portfolio Night.
March: Invention Convention
Always a favorite first grade unit!! The children will invent a leprechaun trap to catch a leprechaun. The traps will be tested and each group will receive a patent for their invention.
April: Rain Forest Unit
A unit on the Rain Forest will study the animals and vegetation of the rain forest. The children will also learn why the rain forests are so important and what forces endanger the forests and animals.
May/June: Butterfly Unit
Painted Lady butterflies are raised in each classroom.

*Some variations may exist among individual teachers.

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