Welcome to Health Services at Middlefork School

In the event of an accident, the school nurse will be contacted. If the nurse is not immediately available, the injured student will not be moved until examined by an adult trained in first aid. It will be the school nurse's responsibility to determine, upon consultation with the Superintendent of Schools or the Superintendent's designee, the need for further medical assistance. In the event that additional emergency medical aid is needed, paramedics will be called. If possible, the parent will be consulted prior to this action. A report of accident or injury form will be completed and placed on file with the school nurse. School District 29 has purchased Student Accident Insurance Coverage on each child's behalf.

This program provides student coverage for injuries incurred while participating in school-sponsored and/or supervised activities, including athletics. Aside from the school-sponsored coverage provided by District 29, the program administrator also offers 24-hour unlimited Dental Accident coverage and also 24-hour coverage providing protection during vacations and weekends. Brochures and applications outlining these programs are available in the school office.
Health Records
Under Illinois law, every student entering kindergarten and students who are new to the District, must have a current physical examination on file. All children in kindergarten and second grade are required to have an oral health examination.
Physical Exams
Students entering kindergarten, as well as students who are new to the District must have a new physical examination on file at the time of enrollment or registration. A physical exam cannot be accepted for school enrollment unless a diabetes screening has been completed. Lead screening is a required part of the health examination for children age 6 years or younger prior to admission to kindergarten.
The State of Illinois requires that each school child show evidence of immunity to several childhood diseases. State law requires the exact date of the immunization be shown along with doctor and parent signatures. Proof of immunization must be presented at the time of enrollment, registration, or before October 15th of the current school year. The school nurse can assist parents in obtaining immunizations by providing referrals, as necessary.
Objections of Parent or Legal Guardian
Parent or legal guardian of a student may object to health examinations, immunizations, vision and hearing screening tests, and dental health examinations for their children on religious grounds. If a religious objection is made, a written and signed statement from the parent or legal guardian detailing such objections must be presented to the local school authority. The objection must set forth the specific religious belief which conflicts with the examination, immunization or other medical intervention. General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow physical examinations, immunizations, vision and hearing screening, and dental examinations will not provide a sufficient basis for an exception to statutory requirements. The local school authority is responsible for determining whether the written statement constitutes a valid religious objection.

Medical Objection
Any medical objection to an immunization must be:
1. Made by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches indicating what the medical condition is,
2. Endorsed and signed by the physician on the certificate of child health Medical Objection examination and placed on file in the child's permanent record. Should the condition of the child later permit immunization, this requirement will then have to be met.
Last Modified on July 10, 2014