Medical Authority Information

Medical Authority
Parents have the primary responsibility for the administration of medication to their children. If it is necessary for students to receive medication during school hours, the District 29 policy requires that the following conditions be met:

1. All medications given in school, including non-prescription drugs, shall be prescribed by a licensed prescriber/physician on an individual basis as determined by the student’s health status.
2. All medications given in school require the completion of an AUTHORIZATION AND PERMISSION FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION form. This form must be completed by the licensed prescriber/physician and signed by both the prescriber/physician and parent. Forms must be renewed annually at the beginning of the school year.
3. Medication must be provided in the pharmacy-labeled container, or with over-the-counter medication, in the original packaging, labeled with the student’s name. All medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the school nurse’s office and dispensed by authorized personnel only. Parents are responsible for delivering and picking up medication in school.

AUTHORIZATION AND PERMISSION FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION forms are available in the school nurse’s office and online. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse.
Last Modified on March 23, 2012