Dr Carey Dr. Shelley Carey
Principal, Sunset Ridge School

Welcome to Sunset Ridge School where our mission is “To cultivate a learning community that engages the hearts and minds of students, one child at a time.” Sunset Ridge serves students in grades four through eight. Our school is located in the Village of Northfield, approximately 20 miles north of Chicago.

We provide an educational setting that meets the developmental strengths, interests, and needs of our students. We understand the importance of helping students build on their prior learning experiences in an academic setting. Our Code of Conduct provides the framework to help students understand the importance they have in helping maintain a positive and welcoming learning community for all students. Our Code of Conduct centers on four key areas:  Responsibility, Respect, Safety, and Honesty. We are a strong learning community because we appreciate our different voices and understand the value of learning with and from others.  Our 8th graders are our school's student leaders.  We encourage them to set a positive role model for our younger students and to understand that they help contribute to the larger community in which they live. 

The school day, schedule, and educational setting at Sunset Ridge School are all tailored to meet the developmental needs of our students. Fourth grade continues with the self-contained elementary school model with some class exchanges for science and social studies. Starting in grade 5, students move by homeroom groups to content area teachers to continue to build their skills. Sixth graders also experience a departmentalized schedule. As each year passes, students acquire academic leadership skills that help them excel as learners. By seventh and eighth grade, students are engaged in a challenging schedule that includes academic disciplines, fine arts exploratory classes and an advisory program to help prepare them for the transition into high school.
Our faculty develops comprehensive curricular programs based on high expectations for student growth and achievement. Curriculum is continuously differentiated and enriched to meet the varied needs and talents of students. Students also interact regularly with specialists in the following areas:  gifted, enrichment, art, library science, music, physical education, and technology. 

A support team including English Language Learners (ELL) teachers, a nurse, office staff, school psychologist, social worker, student services teachers, and speech and language therapists work with students to provide additional support. A variety of extracurricular activities are offered to enhance our educational programs. These programs include student government, athletics, drama, band, technology, and theatrical programs. In addition, a 7th and 8th grade student-teacher advisory program provides a supportive, child-centered environment that encourages building positive social relationships and the development of each and every individual child.

Sunset Ridge School serves our community with a focus on building global connections. Students experience a rich curriculum and participate in learning activities that challenge them to think critically, learn cooperatively, and understand fully. We know our students cannot be measured by any one assessment, but as we review a portfolio of both quantitative and qualitative data on every student, we are able to provide a rich and engaging learning experience. We build on the foundation from home as students engage in educational debate, personal reflection and goal setting, and come to more fully understand that learning is a lifelong experience. We are honored to be a part of your child's journey as they team with us at Sunset Ridge School.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or me should you have any questions. Everyone on the Sunset Ridge team is available to assist you. 

Shelley Carey, Ed.D.

Last Modified on June 1, 2015