Evaluating Information on the Internet
The Internet is an overwhelming place to get information.


It was established to provide an unrestricted area for the exchange of information. There are no “rules” to govern what type of information a writer can put on the Internet.



·      Anyone can post information on the Internet

·      You can’t always believe what you read


It is up to you to know how to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the information that you read.


To help you do this, we have developed two Web site evaluation tools. For grades 4 and 5, we have developed a "Web Research Guide" to help you evaluate the sites.  

For grades 6, 7, and 8 we developed a “Rubric to Evaluate a Web site”. As we walk you through this document we hope that you make it a habit to evaluate any and all information that you read on the Internet.
Click on the links to download each document.