The Northern Suburban Special Education District
Sunset Ridge District #29 is a member of the Northern Suburban Special Education District (NSSED). NSSED is a special education cooperative agreemment between several north shore school districts. Participation in NSSED provides Sunset Ridge faculty, staff, students, and parents with a variety of supports and services for students with special education needs including:

Staff Development
-Best Practices in Curriculum & Instruction
-Assessment and Intervention
-Supervision & Leadership
-Parenting and At-Home Intervention

Special Education Placements
-Early Childhood: Half and Full-day programs for children ages 3-5 years with significant disabilities
-Educational & Life Skills Program: A comprehensive program for school-aged children with significant disabilities
-North Shore Academy: A day treatment program for students with emotional & behavioral disabilities

Specialized Support Services
-Inclusion Consultant for children with disabilities placed in regular community preschools
-Vision Services
-Occupational & Physical Therapy
-Behavioral & Inclusion Consultants

Advocacy & Partnerships
-Legislative support for special education funding and resources
-Resource sharing between NSSED member districts
-Educational workshop & Parenting support through the NSSED Association of Parents & Staff
    -September 23, 2008: Managing Behavior Disorders
    -October 21, 2008: Case Managing Your Child's Full Life
    -November 18, 2008: Bullying-Practical Strategies for Targets
    -January 20, 2009: Autism
    -February 24, 2009: Special Needs Legal & Financial Planning
    -May 19, 2009: Child & Adolescent Depression

For more information on the array of services available through NSSED, please visit their website @ nssed.org.

Last Modified on June 27, 2011