Board of Education Committees

BOARD OFFICERS:                                             

President: Sean O'Grady
Vice-President:  Debbie Papas
Chairperson: Debbie Papas
Members (2): Joan Hoholik, Erin Charchut
Chairperson: Doug Warshauer
Members (2): Laura Felicione, Tim Engling
External Relations:
  • PTO Liaison (Meetings, PTO President Recognition - Spring)/ Foundation Fund Liaisons – Erin Charchut
  • IASB/Legislative Affairs Representative/ED RED – Laura Felicione
  • Northfield Park District/Community Center Liaison/Village Liaison – Joan Hoholik
  • NSSED Representative–Rotational Representation
Internal Relations:
  • Coordinator of Annual Events – Erin Charchut
    • Staff Orientation Day (August)
    • Teacher(s) Service Recognition(s) (August)
    • School Board/Faculty Fall Social Event
    • Teacher Appreciation Day (Spring)
    • Staff/Board Retirement Reception(s) (Spring)
  • Communications Liaison – Debbie Papas
    • Board Report (Board Web Page)
    • District Newsletter
    • Web Site
  • Professional Growth - Debbie Papas

Last Modified on June 25, 2013