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About Our Program
The Middlefork kindergarten program is designed to meet the variety and diversity of educational needs, learning styles, and social-emotional factors that are present among young children. Each classroom is led by a full-time teacher and a teacher associate who together, present students with age appropriate concepts while guiding them through hands-on discovery processes, explorations, and interdisciplinary activities.

The Middlefork program is unique in its extended day approach, one that allows the school day to grow along with the children's comfort levels. Hours for the first several weeks of school are 8:30-11:50 a.m. For the next few weeks, children remain at school until 12:50 p.m. and eat their lunches in the cafeteria with the other Middlefork students. School hours extend for the final time toward the end of October, when kindergarten students remain at school until 1:50 p.m.

The Middlefork program is based on the philosophy that play is every kindergarten child's work, and that through play, children explore their environment and come to know themselves and the lifelong joy, value, and excitement of learning. Kindergarten teachers use the extra time afforded by the extended day program to expand and enrich student activities, rather than to simply increase academic expectations. By spending extended periods of time in active, self-directed experimentation, children learn how to discover and integrate new knowledge. In addition to being able to explore topics in greater depth, the extended day also allows kindergarten students to experience music class once per week, to engage in physical education classes three or more times per week, and to regularly visit the learning center and computer lab.

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Fall Topics

Seasons -Field Trip - Fall Walk
Apples - Johnny Appleseed
Native Americans - 4 Regions
  • Plains
  • Southwest
  • Northwest
  • Eastern Woodlands
  • Field Trip to Mitchell Indian Museum in Evanston
Winter Topics
  • Field trip to Shedd Aqarium
  • Dan, The Fish Manager from Sunset Foods in Northbrook visits
Solar System
Spring Topics
8 Famous Artists
  • Field Trip - Art Institute of Chicago
Plants/Middlefork Garden
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