iPad D29 iPad Support for Parents and Students

This site is designed to provide support and guidance for Sunset Ridge School District 29 parents regarding the use of student iPads in school and at home.
For the past three years we have increased the number of iPads in the District so that each student in grades 1-8 are assigned their own device. Students in grades 4-8 have the option to take their iPad home each night. In an effort to streamline the process of deploying District approved apps, we will be implementing a new Mobile Device Management System (MDM) designed to catalog approved apps by grade level.  We encourage parents to review the lists of approved apps.
Setting Up Apple ID's - video tutorial   Click here  
The new MDM will require parents of students in grades 4-8 to set-up an Apple ID for their child/children using their assigned Sunset Ridge Google Drive Account. Each Sunset Ridge School parent/guardian will be contacted via email by Apple, Inc., during July or August with instructions for initiating the set-up of the school assigned Apple ID. In addition, parents will receive a letter in the "Back to School" summer mailer with information for setting up the Apple ID.  Each student account will follow the protocol of <last name+first initial@sunsetridge29.org> (except when multiple students share the same last name and first initial). For these students, there will be a slight modification to the protocol so that each child has a unique username/login. Apple will send parents a temporary password for each of the new iTunes accounts. We will provide the NEW password that we want you to use when setting up each student account. (It would be a good idea to retain the temporary password that Apple sent in the event we need to help your student replace it with the school assigned student password.)
The username and password associated with the school Apple ID will be the same for all your child's/children's logins in the District.  Students in grades 4-8 will not have access to the catalog of grade level Apps unless a parent generates the required school Apple ID account. More about this process will be covered at the August, 19th and 25th parent meetings.
Once school starts, students will attend an iPad boot camp to learn the process for downloading and installing approved apps, for sending and receiving email and to gain a better understanding of the rules and responsibilities for technology use in the District as well as the costs associated with damage or loss of of iPads, cases, chargers and USB cords.

While in school, student iPads will have age appropriate restrictions and filtering of content. At home, it will be the responsibility of a parent/guardian to monitor and restrict iPad use. Links to resources below will address many questions and concerns that parents may have regarding appropriate iPad use in school and at home as well as some helpful tips.
Subscribing to D29 calendars in iCal on iOS Devices
Last Modified on August 31, 2015