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Library Databases are not the Internet

 Database Lesson    Database Lesson 2    Database Lesson 3

 Seventh grade students are shown databases for their country research project. Databases included Brittanica, World Book, Culture Grams and NoodleTools.

When to Use a Database 
·     Best for research
·     Credible information
·     Evaluated for accuracy and validity by subject experts
·     Updated regularly
·     School/District subscriptions
·     24/7 access with login information
Ease of Use
·     Specify search criteria
·     Results can be further filtered
·     Include citation tools that automatically creates a citation for ease of a simple "copy and paste" into NoodleTools


Sometimes a good book just needs to be shared!
 Book Sharing

Welcome Back!
The first class of the year was the  entire 6th grade! Students checked out mystery books as well as a few extra. It was great to hear about their summer activities and watch them recommend books to each other!  
Ms. Schrader's and Mrs. Zogby's class came in for library orientation and to check out books. Each class developed guidelines to "Make SSR Time Special".    
Snaps of Special Reading Spots
2 students in stacks  M reading  Mr Z reading  Michael Tory Reading  
park readers   N Side Readers  Reading Nook Readers  2 students at table