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Classroom Connections

Middlefork Music Classes
Middlefork students are doing wonderful things in the Music Room! Take a little tour of the MF Music Website to see our kids in action!

  • Kindergartners learned "One Two, Buckle My Shoe", and played xylophones and rhythm instruments to accompany themselves on this song in A/B form.
  • First graders are busy exploring rhythms - both reading and performing. Watch them compose using "ta" and "titi" manipulatives, and then play "Rhythm Wars" (a la Star Wars) with their "light sabers".
  • Second grade music students are using their iPads to compose music using an app called "Isle of Tune". Composition is a multi-faceted learning tool that allows students to learn and experiment with rhythm, texture, tempo, density, tone color (timbre) and dynamics.
  • Third graders continue their study of music through learning how to play the recorder. Before we begin playing, we work on note reading - here is a clip of students practicing their note reading and playing using dice and a game board. Stay tuned for more of their performances - including playing the "Middlefork School Song" on recorders at the Spring Sing!!!

6th Grade LA ClassesThe 6th grade classes went back in time and journeyed on the Titanic. Using the book A 6th Grade LA Night to Remember by Walter Lord as well as excerpts from Deborah Hopkinson's book Voices from the Disaster, students explored issues surrounding the construction and flaws of the ship, the collision with the iceberg, the situation with the lifeboats, the rescue efforts, how the newspapers and survivors reported the story, and lessons learned from the tragedy. Elements such as irony and hubris were also discussed. Then, the classes watched a portion of a documentary that showed what the Titanic currently looks like underwater. A mini-essay culminated the unit; in the photograph, students are hard at work constructing their responses to the mini-essay questions of their choice. Next month, students will read a selection of memoir excerpts and then craft their own.
6th Grade Students - Social Studies 6th Grade Social Studies Classes
The topics for the Egypt Unit in 6th grade social studies included mummies; pyramids; pharaohs; food and drink; health and medicine; fashion; arts and crafts; entertainment; gods; goddesses; animals; the military; homes and home life; children; jobs; architecture; trade; transportation; Nile River; women; and writing. Interesting facts are in abundance and excitement is high as students explore books and websites. By Thanksgiving Break, the research component was complete. Writing the research paper commenced after break. Students will ultimately share their hard work with their peers in a presentation with a visual aid.
7th Grade Advisories - Submitted by 7th Grade Advisors
In addition to our regular Advisory activities, the students recently rallied to plan and shop for our “adopted” Northwest Settlement House families. Upon returning to school, the students wrote cards and carefully wrapped their presents. You should have seen the many boxes that filled the hallways!

On Wednesdays, since the start of the school year, the 7th grade team has planned “All-Advisory Wednesdays”. To build leadership skills, each advisory is taking a turn in planning an activity for all 68 7th grade students. On a recent Wednesday when we could not all meet, several students were overheard commenting on how sad they were that the whole class would not be getting together.
Mrs. Ruggie's Advisory
The picture features one advisory, the Ruggie Advisory, doing a puzzle. There was a boy vs. girl competition to put together a puzzle of the United States. Everyone had a good time!

For this submission, our “bookends” are featured. The 8th graders will be spending their last SRS year honing the skills and talents they have been developing since their kindergarten year. Our kindergarten students are just beginning their SRS educational journey. As they explore mathematical concepts, investigate literary genres, and grow their curiosity muscles, we know they will have a full, enriching school experience. The entire SRS community is proud of our “bookends” and we wish them all a wonderful school year.

8th graders reading "Hunger Games" 8th Grade – Submitted by Ms. Widdes
The eighth graders started the year reading (or for some, re-reading) The Hunger Games. A compelling story, this science fiction book looks at a futuristic version of America called Panem. Students engaged in great debate in responding to questions about ethics and morality; considering issues surrounding media message and technology advances; they even explored an introduction to game theory. A book is a message from the author to the reader, and students in eighth grade are realizing just how important word choice, research, and point of view all contribute to that message! Ask your teen--what does Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games, think about our reality TV obsessed culture? You might be surprised.

Kindergarten – Submitted by Ms. Dekin, Ms. Dempsey & Ms. Golomb
Number Corners is a new math program of skills practice and computational fluency in areas such as ten frames, counting, number sense, and number line. The children love hunting for shapes in their classroom. They enjoy filling in the ten frame each day as we count the days we have been in school. The number of days we have been in school is represented in multiple ways – a dot on a ten frame, a link on a chain, and by a numeral. The children have fun using “Hap,” the Happy Grasshopper, as they count forward and backward on the number line and prepare for addition, subtraction, and cardinality.